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Educational Activities, Training and Career Guidance in Cytogenetics and Genetic Counselling


Centre for Genetic Health Care is well known for its training facilities and have referrals of students who wish to persue career in Genetics. Several medical and non medical graduates havetheir built their careers nationally and internationally in various fields of human genetics, plant and animal genetics. Being accredited by national (NABL and PCPNDT) and international (CAP) accreditation bodies is the add-on for students. A broad range of training opportunities are available, including hands on training in basic laboratory cytogenetics, advanced FISH technique and genetic counseling. Students obtain training in modern biology with a special emphasis on human cytogenetics. They also have the advantage to witness clinical patients and counseling sessions with prior permission from the patients, participate in various national and international conferences and utilize library resources.

Options available today as Careers in Genetics are

  • Medicine - Medical Genetics, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Nursing, Gene Testing, Gene Therapy, Organ Transplantation, Fertility and Reproduction.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Pharmacogenomics, Chemical, Vaccine, Medicine Development and Production
  • Agriculture - Genetic modification of foods and seeds, Bio-pesticide and Nutriceutical development
  • Wildlife - Identification, protection of endangered species, Authentication of consumables such as wine, caviar etc.
  • Animal Husbandry – Genetics and behaviours for milk, meat and semen production for obtaining best trait.
  • Computational Biology - Database Development, Supercomputing, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Field.
  • Engineering - Bioprocessing chamber, Vat design and Production, Toxic-waste cleanup, Instrumentation development, Biomedical engineering
  • Business - Biosciences Industry, Marketing and sales
  • Law and Justice - Patent specialties, Specialties in ethical, legal, and social issues, gene and paternity testing, DNA
  • Bench Science – Proteomics, Human variation in health and disease, Microbial genetics, Environmental studies
  • History and Anthropology - Genetics to study population, migration patterns, Study of Inheritance over evolutionary time
  • Migration - Transfer of alleles from gene pool of one population to the gene pool of another population
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