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Organ System Diseases

Many organ system disorders have Genetic basis, involving many medical specialities. This affects systemic development and functioning. Appropriate diagnosis helps in management of risk to family and progeny.
Other medical discipline
* Cardiovascular diseases (congenital heart disease, familial hypercholesteremia)
* Endocrine diseases ( Congential hypothyrodism, adrenogential syndrome)
* Gastrointestinal diseases (hereditary pancreatitis, adenosis polyposis)
* Hematological disorders (Blooms syndrome, ataxia telangecctasia, hereditary anaemias,    hemoglobinopathies)
* Diseases of skeletal muscles (spinal muscular atrophy, DMD, Becker's muscular dystrophy)
* Neurological diseases (Friedrich's ataxia, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, neurofibromatosis,     tuberous sclerosis)
* Eye diseases (congenital cataract, retinoblastoma, retinitis pigmentosa)
* Hereditary hearing loss (acoustic neuroma, prelingal hearing loss)
* Rental disorders (polycystic kidney disease, chronic heredity bronchiectasis)
* Heritable skeletal dysplasias (achodroplasia, Osteogensis imperfecta)
* Disorders of skin (epidermolysis bullosa, congenital ichtyosis)
* Hereditary of teeth and oral structures (Dentinogenesis imperfecta)
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