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Cytogenetic Testing


Variety of chromosomal disorders can be studied by standard chromosome analysis (karyotyping). These tests can be offered prenatally or postnatally or on aborted specimen.

AML M2 t (8;21)
AML M3 T (15;17)
AML, M4EO inv(16)
ALL t (4;11), t(9;22), t(8.14), t(12;21), t(1,19) & hyperdiploidy
CML t(9;22)
MPL Trisomy 8, Monosomy 7
MDS 5q; monosomy 5q, 7, 13q, 20 q
Non Hodgkin's t(8;14), t (11;14);t(14;18)
PV del(20q)
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